Thursday, April 16, 2015

What is Net Neutrality and why should I vote

What is Net Neutrality?
In simple terms, Net neutrality means if we are paying ISP (Internet Service Provider) for data, then we should be free to decide what to browser, and must not be decided by ISP. As per the new norms of TRAI (Telecom regulation authority of India), you will have to pay additional charges for Whatsapp, facebook etc etc apart from your normal data plan. Moreover ISP will decide the speed of the site. that means, if any company say has paid your ISP, then will get
opened in your browser very faster, while other sites who have not paid the ISP, will load very slowly in your browser.

According to me, this should not happen. We must decide what we are browsing. If your one of us, then please support Net Neutralilty campaign by sending a mail to TRAI. Additionally, you can contact your area MP.

Go to and click on Respond to TRAI now and follow the simple steps.
#SaveTheInternet #NetNeutrality

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