Tuesday, December 30, 2014

IndiaMART software developer Interview cracking tips (Campus hiring program and walkin both)

Hi friends, To get precise I'm directly coming to the point. I'm working as software developer in IndiaMART interMESH limited,. I've taken many interviews here, so I'm sharing few of the tips to crack the interview.

There will be 5 rounds in IndiaMART campus hiring program (either walkin or off campus).

  1. HR round: It will be of max 5 min to test your communication. Question will be not more than "about yourself" and the similar ones. No one gets rejected from this round. Sometimes this round is not taken.
  2. Aptitude test: Time limit 45 min. Very easy questions. During the time papers are being checked, you will be given another test paper 9round 3).
  3. Written Technical round: Approx 7-9 questions (2 sets) will be given. you have to write program for the given question in any programming language. Only your logic gets checked, so little bit syntax error is ignored.
    (70-75% person clears this round)
  4. Technical Interview: It will continue for approx 40-50min and questions will be asked from basics of the C / C++ / Java (whichever you know), HTML (Basic tags), Intro to Database, normalization, ACID, JOIN, basic query and a simple join query, and from your Resume and projects
    (Filtering round: Although not tough, but many gets filterd here. Show your confidence. ~30% person clears this round)
  5. Technical Interview 2: It will continue for approx an hour. Key questions: HTML Tags, DATA Structure (Important), Database.
    Very basic questions are asked in this round. They will explore what you know. (75-85% clears this round). 
After clearing this round, you are finally selected. Congrats and welcome to IndiaMART family. I personally guarantee for a very good work culture and a best place to learn.

  • Main objective of interviewer is to explore your potential.
  • You should have sound knowledge of any one programming language and the willingness to work.
  • In  Off campuses, interview duration will be less, but key interview areas will be same.
  • Job Location would be Noida Sector 142 only.
  • Eligibility: Throughout 80%. Sometimes they also consider throughout 70 or 75, so do confirm. 

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