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E-litmus question papers

Hello friends, e-litmus is one of the best online exam that can get us place us in MNC with very much higher package. Following are some sample questions asked in e-litmus exam.

If you have problem in any question then write in comment.

1.      Find the no. of ways you can fill a 3*3 grid (with 4 corners defined as a,b,c,d) if you have 3 white marbles,6 black marbles
2.      Find out the values   of letters used in this
  P X B
* W Y A
 O A Z O
3.      Find out the values   of letters used in this
   S E N D
+M O R E
4.      Find the number of terms between 100 to 1000… the format like 234
2*3*4=24…..find the number of term whose multiple is 24
5.      Ratio of boys to girls 4:5 , when
6.      New public school has a circular layout. The school has teachers specializing in various subjects.
All classroom of the school are equally spaced apart and located along its perimeter. Each teacher needs four classes in day. There is strange rule. The first and last class has to be in the same class room. The other two classes have to be at two other distinct class rooms.

Answer the following
a:) Bharti is a history addition to above rule of the school she teaches exactly one pair of successive classes in adjacent classrooms. How many distinct trips to classes rooms are possible for Bharti if there are 12 classroom in school.

1;) 120
2:) 96
3:) 576
4:) 496

b:) Ram is a Math Teacher. He never teaches two successive classes in adjacent classrooms. How many distinct trips to classroom are possible for ram if there are 9 classrooms in the school.

1:) 72
2:) 324
3:) 30
4:) 180

7.      Sajeed and Majeed are gambler. They love talking on final team ranking in cricket tournament. LPI cricket tournament is their favorite. A total of five team is participating in this year PI(A,B,C,D,E).before the tournament begins,sajeed and majeed guess the result. According to sajeed ranking will be A,B,C,D,E where according to majeed their ranking will be D,A,E,C,B. At the end of tournament it turns out that sajeed had not predicted even a single rank correctly nor he had predicted correct ordering of any pair of consecutive teams. On the other hand
majeed had predicted ranking of two teams correctly and he had also predicted ordering of two pairs of consecutive teams.

Answer the following question

(a) : Which Team Won LPI tournament this year

1:) A
2:) B
3:) E
4:) None Of These

(b) :Which team was ranked one behind team B

4:)None Of These

8.      What is remainder when 128^1000 is divided by 153..?
9.      Given a,b,c are in GP and a < b < c.
Calculate how many solution exist for this inequality
(log(a) + log(b) + log(c) ) = 6..?
10.  What will be the remainder when expression
2^2+22^2+222^2+2222^2+....+22222...48 times^2 divided by 9.
11.  You are given a number Q < 200. You have to calculate sum of All Q such that when Q divided by 5 or 7 gives remainder 2?
12.  You are given number N. Give 2*N has 28 factor and 3*N has 30 factor. Calculate how many factors will be in 6*N..?
13.  PT Usha and shelly john decide to run a marathon between ramnagar and jamnagar.  Both start from ramnagar at 1 pm. On the way are two towns: ramgarh and rampur seprated by a distance of 15 km . PT usha reaches ramgarh in 90 minutes running at a constant speed of 40 km/hr. She takes additional 30 minutes to reach rampur. Between rampur and jamnagar she maintains at average speed of v km/hr. Shelly john being a professional marathon runner, maintains a constant speed of 18 km/hr. They both reach jamnagar together after n hours. What could be the total time taken by PT usha?

a:5 hours
b:15 hours
c:41 hours
d:none of the above.
14.  Heinz produces tomato puree by boiling tomato juice. The tomato puree has only 20% water while tomato juice has 90% water. How many liters of tomato puree will be obtained from 20 liters of tomato juice?
a)  2
b) 2.4
c) 2.5
d) 6
15.  A multiplication is given below where each letter stands for a single digit number and no two numbers are represented by same letter
3. What is the correlation between S,I,T
a)they are in A.P
b)they are in G.P
c)both (a) and (b)
d)none of these

16.  A quadrilateral PQRS circumscribes a circle with center o, it is given that PQ is parallel to RS. Also length of PQ is thrice that of RS while length of QR and PS are equal. However QR and SP are not parallel to each other. The perimeter of the quadrilateral is equal to the perimeter of a square with area 36sq.m,what is the area of the quadrilateral PQRS in sqm(approx)??
17.  why
* nut
each letters have digits from 0-9 find the nos?
18.  How many six digit numbers can be formed using the digits 0 to 5, without repetition such that the number is divisible by the digit at its units place?
19.  O T O
* H A S
              HOT*RED= ?
20.  If m and n are two positive integers, then what is the value of mn?
(1)7m + 5n= 29
(2) m + n= 5

21.  If a = tan6 tan 42
and B = cot66 cot 78

(a) A = 2B
(c) A = B (d) 3A = 2B.

22.  In a strange twist of hearts, p politicians of a country agreed to an average donation of Rs. D each. Q of these politicians, who had pledged an average of Rs. A never donated the pledged money .which of the following expressions represents the percent of the pledged money that was actually donated

23.  What is the value of log(e(e(e.....)^1/2)^1/2)^1/2)?

24.  How many values of c in the equation x^2-5x+c result in rational roots which are integers
25.  if 1/a + 1/b + 1/c=1/(a+b+c) where a+b+c#0,abc#0 what is the value of (a+b)(b+c)(c+a)?
a)equals 0
b)greater than 0
c)less than 0
d)cannot be determined
26.  PR is a tangent to a circle at point P.Q is another point on the circle such that PQ is the diameter and RQ cuts the circle at point M. If the radius of the circle is 4 units and PR=6 units then find the ratio of the perimeter of triangle PMR to the triangle PQR
27.  The circle O having a diameter of 2cm, has a square inscribed in it. Each side of the square is then taken as a diameter to form 4 smaller circles O'. Find the total area of all four O' circles which is outside the circle O.
28.  If v,w,x,y,z are non-negative integers each less than 11, then how many distinct combinations are possible of(v,w,x,y,z) satisfy v(11^4) +w(11^3)+ x(11^2)+ y(11) +z=151001
29.  In a certain examination paper there are n questions. For j=1,2,3,.....n, there are 2^(n-1) students who answered j or more question wrongly.Iif the total number of wrong answers is 4096 then the value of n is
30.  How many six digit number can be formed using the digits 1 to 6, without repetition, such that the number is divisible by the digit at unit's place
31.  6 Bangles each of 4cm in diameter, what is their minimum diameter of plate required so that each bangle is kept without overlapping (bangles touching each other)?
32.  Given x=123456 and z=x-y then for how many values of y ,z value found is divide by 48,,98,105 ????
33.  p,q,r are distinct single digit no, such that
such that each side is greater than 310..ten what is the value of q?
34.  How many no can be formed using digits (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9).. such that they are in increasing order(eg:0 12345,345,6789,123456789)???
35.  Three dices are thrown what is the probability to get at least one six?
36.  Dhoni when hits a boundary he swings his bat. When he hits a boundary he swing his bat 4 time and when he hits a six he swings his bat 7 time .when he hit 2 boundary he swing his bat for both the boundary i.e. say he hits a four first then he swings 4 time. Next when he hits a six or four he swings his bat 4+7(for six) 4+4(for four),and so for 3 boundary say 4,6,4 he swings 4,4+7,4+7+4 numbers of times. In total he swings 4+4+7+4+7+4 number of time. 1) dhoni swings his bat for 99 times, find out number of way he can hit boundary.
37.  OUM
38.  1/2(log base 6 of (x^2-8x+16)) + 1/2(log base 6 of(x^2-18x+81)) = 1
How many real solutions of x exist?
39.  The are 20 students and they need to be allocated into 3 how many ways can this be done

1.assuming that the students are identical
2.assuming that the students are distinguishable

40.  GAS
41.  There are m pipes from 1 to m..such that the speed at which it fills a pool alone is equal to the time taken by other m-1 pipes(not for m=1).. Suppose time taken by 9 pipe is 40min when filled alone. What would be the time taken if pipe no. 12 and 13 fill together..??
42.  Suppose you have a currency called miso in three denominations, 1 miso, 10misos and 50 misos. In how many ways can you pay a bill of 107 misos?

43.  Remainder when 33^34^35 divided by 11
44.  v,w,x,y,z are non negative integers each <11, then how many distinct combinations of (v,w,x,y,z) satisfy  v(11^4)+w(11^3)+x(11^2)+y(11)+z= 151001
45.  How many values of 'c' results in rational roots which are integer in 
46.  A square of side x is given... joining the mid point of the sides another square is this way it is continued...what will be the perimeter of the the 9th square??
47.  There are 10 Letter and 10 correspondingly 10 different Address if the letter are put into envelope randomly then find the Probability that Exactly 9 letter will at the Correct Address?
48.  A Box Contain 3 Red And 2 White balls and balls are taken out one by one Without replacement. So what is the Probability the White Balls Always come at Last?
49.  A box Contain 3 Red and 2 White balls.the balls are taken out without replacement what is the probability that one of the White ball is always taken out at the End?
50.  What will be the be the Unit digit when XXYYZZ is divided by 1001 .If X>Y>Z
51.  what is the reminder when a 4 digit no p^2+17;where p is a prime no of form 6x+-1,
52.  X men take X/2 Hours and doing X/8 Unit of Work in X/4 Days. So Y men In y hour how much Day will take to do the work like X??
53.  W*3^3 + X*3^2 + Y.3 + z = 117
What are the possible solution are there??
54.  P is a Four digit Prime number When Divided by 12 What Will be the Remainder??
55.  56 toffees have to divided into A, B, C, D, E so that each one gets minimum of 10 toffees. Find the number of ways?
56.  An employee may claim Rs.7 for each km when he travels by taxi and Rs.6 for each km when he drives his own car. If in one week he claimed Rs. 595 for travelling km. How many kms did he travels by taxi?
57.  56 tofees have to divided into A,B,C,D,E so that each one gets minimum of ten toffees. find the no. of ways.
58.  What is the difference between first "Highest ever decreasing" number and second.where Highest ever decreasing number are like 987,75321,954 etc.
59.  A lump of two metals weighing 18 gm is worth Rs 74 but if their weights be interchanged it would be worth Rs 60.10p. If the price of one metal be Rs 7.20 per gram, find the weight of the other metal in the mixture?

60.  How many values of c in the equation x^2-5x+c=0, results in rational roots which are integer.

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